TruLittle Leadership Hero 2015 – Cherion Wollcock

Trulittle Winners of 2015

TruLittle Leadership Hero 2015 – Cherion Wollcock, Award Winner

Cheron Wollcock was honoured by Sue Gray, the Deputy Mayor of Thurrock for taking part in the planning and delivery of lessons to Year 1 and reception students in her school. Cherion graduated as an ‘English leader’ and she worked along the Key stage 1 teacher to prepare the students for the KS1 exams. The school has experienced one of the highest results so far, all thanks to Cherion, who was one of the 13 students who took part in this programme, which influenced many families in Thurrock. She was a ‘little teacher’ to many students. Cherion is also an athlete, she won first place in the Essex Cross Country finals for Year 3 girls in 2012. Cherion is a very caring and lovely girl, she helps children in her neighbourhood and is a role model for many children.