TruLittle Inspirational Hero – Renee Okocha

Trulittle stars, Winners of 2016

Renee Okocha is an outstanding young girl who runs and a Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Africa called “I Am The Future of Nigeria Youth Initiative”. Visit Renee and her sister Zara are young published authors, game designers and illustrators writing for charity and kids in Africa that aren’t in school. Together with her sister, they are creating a huge awareness to promote early child literacy in Malawi and Nigeria. They have begun several campaigns such as the introduction of zebra crossings near schools and improvements in the food provided by public schools. Renee and her sister collaborate with several young authors that are inspired by the cause to write for the kids in low income areas. They then collate, illustrate and publish these books for free and donate them to impoverished areas in Malawi and Nigeria. Renee is working on producing teen magazine collating stories from other young scribes with the proceeds from the sale of these magazines being aimed for use in the funding of their NGO. Renee is a true inspiration for other young people and adults too.