TruLittle Scribe Hero (U17) Tami Olorunfemi

Trulittle Winners of 2016

Tami Olorunfemi (Aged: 15 years)

Tami has always been fascinated by writing since the age of 7 and has written numerous short stories over the years. In years 3, 4 and 5, she was entered into the ‘Haileybury Creative Writing Competition’ and with all 3 attempts, she won 1st prize in her age category for her school; winning overall 3rd place nationwide while in year 4. Tami researched and found herself a publisher in 2013. Her goal was to have a full-length book written and published before becoming a teenager. Her chosen publisher wrote her back, accepting her manuscript and offered her a contract. Today Tami expresses her writing through her blog (, combining story-telling (in Alicia’s diary) with book reviews of the numerous books she immerses herself in.