TruLittle Entrepreneur Hero (Under 17years) Lashai Ben Salmi

Trulittle Winners of 2017

Lashai Ben Salmi (Under 17years)

Lashai Ben Salmi is the founder of My Journey “Giving Youth Several Reasons to (SMILE)”, and the Co-founder of ‘Put the RED CARD up to bullying’ Public Speaker; because of having to leave school due to being bullied Lashai chose to convert her adversities into empowerment. Also, she is the co-author of Kidz That Dream Big; the inspiration behind the book was to end, once and for all what she saw as “the dubious concept of so called public school education which missed financial education, emotional intelligence and personal development”. Together with the Kidz That Dream Big book, coaching and workshops, Lashai believes that children and youth can seed their time and financial freedom future today. Lashai has won 8 awards and is training to become an Andy Harrington ACE Coach.