TruLittle Samaritan Hero (Under 12years) Ashton Smith

Trulittle Winners of 2017

Ashton Smith (Under 12years)

Ashton Smith lives his life by his 12 years old brothers side who has a life limited illness know as Niemann Pick! He is confined to wheelchair much of the time and has limited communication. Ashton is only 6 years old but spends a good deal of his time at home helping to care for Taylor. He plays with him and chats to him, taking the time to entertain him and keep him alert. He is amazing and knows when his brother is going to have a seizure he catches him and knows what to do. Knowing his brother has deteriorated must be so hard for him but he always finds time to smile even though he’s probably hurting inside. When in school he doesn’t mention the challenges, he faces at home. He often has to stay with friends and relatives when his brother has appointments away from home but never complains, taking each disruption in his stride. His family are really proud of how Ashton is growing into a kind and caring young person.