TruLittle Scribe Hero (Under 12years) Tegan Helen

Trulittle Winners of 2017

Tegan Helen (Under 12 years)

Tegan Helen is an author and speaker, she has three best-selling books on Amazon, Tegan teaches kids important things they do not learn in school, but things that will help them have a much brighter future. Her first book “Money for Kids” teaches children financial education, such as assets and liabilities, compounding interest and income producing assets. Her second book “The Power to Unlock Your Dreams” is based on the law of attraction, teaching kids how to powerfully and effectively use their imagination and goals to achieve the life of their dreams. Third Book “Be Fearless for kids” teaches kids how to have unstoppable confidence so they can achieve anything. Tegan speaks at events and in schools, she wants to help as many kids as she can.