TruLittle Sports Hero (Under 12years) Jorunas Gorelcenka

Trulittle Winners of 2017

Jorunas Gorelcenka (Under 12years)

Jorunas Gorelcenka (affectionately nicknamed ‘Basher’) has been training at Docklands Shoujin Karate in Newham since 2012. As well as training hard to hone his own skills, almost every day of the week, he selflessly volunteers his time to help his sensei in class with the 4 – 9year old beginners. He is kind and polite, and one of the most hardworking students we have ever seen. In his short 5year karate career, Basher has won over 100 medals, as well as attaining titles as English Karate Federation national champion in both kata and kumite disciplines and British Champion in Kata. In 2017 Basher secured places on the English national youth teams for both disciplines, becoming the only athlete to do so in many years. On 30th September 2017 he also secured double gold, to become double British Open champion for male 10 years kata and male 10-11 years +35kg.