TruLittle Entrepreneur Hero (U12) Dara Adewole

Trulittle stars, Winners of 2018

Dara Adewole (Under 12 years)

Dara has always had a passion for the less privileged in the society which birthed caregirl in 2015 when she was 6 years old. She started by giving out ‘blessing bags’ filled with essential items for daily care to homeless people around the streets of London. And since then has been privileged to support organizations like homeless hubs and the foodbank. Dara is also very passionate about education and the value of having a good education. She has been fortunate to have an amazing education but understands that some children her age unfortunately do not have such opportunities. One of her visions for the future is to be able to build schools in underprivileged communities to offer a good education. However, in the meantime, she wants to do the little she can to help inside other children. She has recently partnered with a school in Lagos, Nigeria where she recently donated school stationaries. And she hopes to continue to raise funds to donate items like school uniforms, books, educational toys and lots more. Dara funds her projects by selling her home made products – Dara’s Beautiqué lipbalm and candles. She has also been privileged to get donations from friends and family members. She was recently interviewed by TimeFM following her Christmas appeal where she raised over £1000 to help fund her outreach to a homeless hub to celebrate her 9th birthday. (The link to the interview is Dara, the CareGirl’s Interview at Time107.5 UK Radio show). Her website She deserves this award as though she is quite a shy little girl, she has a heart of gold and is always looking for ways to make others a lot happier. In her own little way, she wants to impact her world and encourages others to do the same.