About Us

The TruLittle Hero Awards is a ceremony organised by Cause4Children Limited. The aim of the event is to recognise, celebrate and reward outstanding achievements of remarkable children and young people up to the age of 17 years all over the country. Nomination is by the public, the winners are from various areas of skills and talents. Their achievements are truly extraordinary, inspiring and a lesson to other young people. Since the first TruLittle Hero Awards in 2012, notable leading figures in politics, sports, music, arts and media have all taken part.
This event was founded by Titi Omole and it continues to attract more audience every year. Our winners come from several public nominations with remarkable reasons for their nominations. They are further shortlisted after careful screening and presented to the public for voting.
Our judging panel, made up of notable figures in national life, will decides the final winners taking into account the number of votes and the level of achievements. These winners will be announced and honoured at the glamourous and dazzling TruLittle Hero Awards ceremony.

  • Mission

    To invest in the development of talents in children and young people within the UK. This would be achieved by recognising extra-ordinary effort and rewarding achievements of young people in the United Kingdom. We hope to extend TruLittle Hero Awards ceremony to other parts of the world in the nearest future.

  • Equipping children to fulfill their potential

    We aim to recognise and reward children for their positive contributions to the society through our annual not for profit awards event.

  • Lifetime Memories

    This website promotes this special awards event and records these memorable occasions for future generations to enjoy in years to come. VIEW GALLERY

Congratulations to all our TruLittle Heroes 2023

Ibukunoluwa Awe - Trulittle Academic Hero (12-18)
Navaeah Hoath - Trulittle Artistic Hero (12-18)
Cocoa Senior Journalists - Trulittle Collaborative Group Heroes (7-18)
Shamayam Hogan - Trulittle Creative Hero (7-11)
Kaiya Ashitey - Trulittle Creative Hero (12-18)
Israel Allen - Trulittle Entrepreneur Hero (7-11)
Khamani Edwards - Trulittle Entrepreneur Hero (12-18)
Muyiwa Quadri - Trulittle Environmental Hero (12-18)
The Young Kingz - Trulittle Inspirational Hero (12-18)
Guqaza Mbali - Trulittle International Hero (7-18)
Monet-Grace Wille - Trulittle Leadership Hero (12-18)
Damilola Oyewumi - Trulittle Musician Hero (7-11)
Lauryn Rose Teixeira - Trulittle Samaritan Hero (7-11)
Deryn-Bach Allen-Dyer - Trulittle Samaritan Hero (12-18)
Lauryn Rose Teixeira - Trulittle Scribe Hero (7-11)
Cruz Robinson - Trulittle Sports Hero (7-11)
Monet-Grace Wille - Trulittle Sports Hero (12-18)

Look forward to seeing more heroes in 2024

Next event: 09/11/2024


I had a good time, the speakers were good and it was very inspirational.Sope.S, London
I really enjoyed myself. It was such an inspirational night! I am truly thankful.Carla.L, London
I would just like to Thank You so much for putting together such a Fantastic Night with the Trulittle Hero Event. It was like a breath of fresh air to celebrate all the good things that our children do and manage to achieve instead of hearing about the bad things.Julie.M, Newham
My son was very proud of his achievement! And as a parent, I shared in his joy. Not only was his confidence improved after receiving the award, his believe in his ability as a child to make a difference also soared! He is now coming up with different ideas about the environment / humanity that he wants to push further to the government and things that the government should be doing to address these issues.Grace O, Thamesmead, UK
My son happened to be one of the TruLittle Hero Awards 2013 winners and winning this award has really encouraged and challenged him to do even better. Thank you for allowing God to use you to make a difference in the lives of young people.Nikkie S, Greenford, UK
Winning the TruLittle Sports Hero Awards gave my daughter greater confidence and confirmation that she was making the right choices and following the right path to achieve her goal of being the best she can in her selected sport of sprint swimming.Mrs Still, Thurrock, UK
My younger daughter, even though not a nominee felt inspired seeing other young people apart from her sister thrive and speak confidently. It definitely made an impression on herDoyin.O, Thurrock