Trulittle Academic Hero (7-11)

Joshua Ogunlaja (Aged: 8 years)

Joshua started learning code at the age of 4, using blocks and robot programming. At age 8. he has developed lots of programs for websites, games and robot. During the COVID-19 lockdown Joshua has selflessly given his time and effort to freely teach, coordinate and support hundreds of kids between the ages of 5-12 years old on how to write their own codes and solve coding challenges in Java Scripts and Python. He has diligently and consistently provided his support online to these children within the BAME communities internationally, in the UK, US, India, Canada and Africa.  

Consequently, these children have moved from having no coding knowledge to writing their own code and creating some mini games in JavaScripts and Python. Joshua has inspired them to  confidently put up their solved and attempted coding  challenges up in the Youtube channel provided for  them on on And this portfolio has continued to grow everyday organically with parents referring their friends and families’ kids and giving recommendation on Trustpilot

Even with Joshua's academic work, he selflessly taught and encouraged the kids for over one and half hour twice weekly for the last six months for free. The class helps the kids to be collaborative and interactive during the lockout. He really enjoys it and continued to maintain the coding class as a long-term venture.

Joshua is an outstanding student at his school. He has received awards for as the best student in Mathematics and English at his school.