TruLittle Artistic Hero Nominees 2022

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Trulittle Artistic Hero (7-11)

Jonelle Young (Aged: 10 years)


Jonelle has been co-hosting the Brixkidz Live  Radio program on Adventist Radio London. This is a one hour children’s program aired every Saturday at 4:00pm. She also hosts the online program on YouTube every week which is also broadcast in the  US, the Caribbean and Africa.

She continues to use her gift of singing to share with other churches and other events in the UK. Jonelle is one of the Tech Ambassadors at her school where she presents the school video news report. She was voted Pathfinder of the Year for 2021 and Best helping hand in her Pathfinder Club. Jonelle was also awarded the Brixkidz Special Award of Excellence  for her inspiration and dedication  in the ministry. 

She was part of the second  placed team in the Trans-European Division (TED) Pathfinder Bible Adventure where she had to study books of the Bible and answer questions on it.  Jonelle has also been involved in leading Children’s Camp Meeting and Holiday Bible Club for the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church, Brixkidz Children Retreat and children’s program in various churches in the UK.

Brixkidz Live videos with  Jonelle -

Jonelle presenting her school news -

Jonelle singing at World Pathfinder Day September  2022

Podcasting of Brixkidz Live Radio show with Jonelle as co-host

Angel Akerele (Aged: 10 years)


Angel is a very talented member of the junior choir in school. She is a very creative girl and ever since when she was about the age of 3 old, her passion for music and drama has been captivating, hence she recites poems, sings, and participates in drama too. In her School and Church junior choir she is the lead singer. Angel’s appearance on stage leads to some of the loudest applause and an automatic standing ovation after her performance.

Her affection for singing is extraordinary. Sometime in July this year, she said to me, “Mum, do you know about royal opera?” I said no. However, that did not deter her from asking her music teacher in school during their choir rehearsal, expressing her interest to know more about it. Angel went on to research royal opera and found out that there is a youth opera house and applications were on with auditions taking place later in summer.

At 10 years of age, she completed the form, and asked me if I will commit to taking her for rehearsals if she gets in.

Early in August she was invited for an audition. Angel was incredibly happy and so much looked forward to it.

When she received the email that she got into youth opera, she was ecstatic that her dream was gradually coming true!!Out of 240 young people who applied, Angel was one of the 30 children selected. This is a testament to her passion, drive, capability and tenacity.

Angel saw the application online and applied for herself without any parental intervention. 

Angel has always been working incredibly hard on her creativeness, she is a natural artist. It’s amazing that this talent is being recognised in the Youth Opera House.

Her visionary and leadership qualities are unmissable as she is often seen prompting, reassuring, and guiding her teammates. Which is why she was appointed as the chairperson of her school council reporting to the headteacher. She is seen by many as a true little hero and believes she will go on to become a bigger one still. She is doing really well and thriving as part of the Youth Opera House  group.

Trulittle Artistic Hero (12-17)

Kezyrah Crosdale (Aged: 15 years)


Kezyrah is a very artistic individual, who from a young age has always shown talent in dance and drama.  As she got older, she realised that her passion was in dance although being a very shy individual.  Kezyrah dedicates nearly all her waking hours to dance, where you can often hear her in a different room, making music in her head and putting dance movements to that music.  She has attended a dance school since the age of 13 and has jumped 2 grades from the onset and is now onto her grade 6 and then professional works in the contemporary discipline.  In street she excels just the same, achieving her Gold cross and Gold bar awards and has recently achieved her national standard 1.  Despite her shy, very modest nature off stage once she is in performance mode any inhibitions fade and her expressions and passion are seen for all as she draws you into her performance.

After agreeing to support a local youth program with a cultural event they put on, she was spotted by a choreographer of the world renowned  music and dance conservatoire Trinity Laban, who requested that she audition for the said company. She took to the challenge and has been successful.  As well as all these achievements, she was gifted enough to undergo her GCSE in dance 2 early and passed with an outstanding grade 7(A), for a 13 year old.  Her love for dance has recently prompted her to begin her own dance school, Kezyrahz School of Dance.  Its aim is to encourage young children of the age  4-10 to explore and express themselves through dance, teaching basic dance moves, coordination and promoting confidence. She is a true artistic individual.