TruLittle Artistic Hero Winner 2021

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Trulittle Artistic Hero (7-11)

Rosella Reid (Aged: 7 years)


Rosella is a little girl who sometimes suffers from nerves. She was not brave enough to join dare 2 dance until she was 5 but she has made so much progress since then. She pushes herself to achieve recently coming first in an online comp. In two weeks, she learned a new routine and danced with the divas a brand-new group of pupils. She puts her all in and always learns the new steps she leads our diddi dots and helps any of them if they are scared.

Rosella has thrived in the last 2 years. Her confidence is growing every day & her passion for dance is always showing through her hard work and determination. Practicing every moment, she can and even teaching herself new tricks to become a better dancer & performer.
She had her first solo competition a few weeks ago and placed 1st. She was amazed, as she knew there was some extremely good competitors she was up against.
Herself and her teammates also placed 1st in their troupe dance, which she was so please for her team, and took time out to congratulate each member with big hugs & messages.
She very proud to be in a team and always trying to help encourage new members and old. She had found her passion and her love for her team makes us extremely proud parents.
Rosella is a true team member who even when she makes mistakes picks herself up and carries on which is a great technique to have and shows the other girl’s how to just pick yourself up smile and continue & never give up! She a beautiful caring hard working young woman who really does try & who encourages her friends to do their best and enjoy their passion together.