TruLittle Collaborative Group Heroes Nominees 2022

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Trulittle Collaborative Group Heroes (7-11)

Juke of London - Kaelan & Jude (Aged 11 & 9 years)


Kaelin and Jude are the  owners of  a sunglasses and apparel company called JUKE of LONDON. The boys have been trading for 10 months and their success has been phenomenal. They have a major social following and have made sales all over the UK plus international sales in America, Africa and Europe. Their sunglasses are loved by influencers and celebrities like Marcus Rashford, Ashley Walters and John Boyega to name a few.

The boys use their influence to give back by raising money and awareness for the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation and ACLT.

Please check their Instagram to see their wonderful business and the impact they make within the community

Instagram: @jukeoflondon

Oskar (Aged 15 years) and Pip (Phillip) (Aged 12 years) Haywood


Babacorn-Bricks is a monthly award winning LEGO lovers subscription box. 

Created by their mum, Becki and her three boys, Rayph, Oskar and Pip (Oskar is 15 and Pip 12 - Rayph 20!) 

Back in 2012 they sadly lost their wonderful dad, Paul to bowel cancer when the boys were just 1, 4 and 9. Paul was LEGO mad!, a trait which he has passed down to all three of boys and a few   after, they created Babacorn-Bricks in his memory.  

Since 2019 we have won several awards including 'Product Of  The Year' at the Business Success Awards 2022 (photos below),  ‘Best Hidden Gem’ 2020 and 7th ‘Best Kids Box’ 2021 in the Hello Subscription Awards. 

We make the whole experience very special - we get to know our subscribers, they are part of our story and we all support each other and have fun as well as running a business which they can trust in and rely on. 

We feel it’s important to give back to others who have been through similar experiences to us and nominate charities to donate a proportion of our boxes to at Christmas time.  Our chosen charity this year is the James Bulger Memorial Trust which provides holidays and help to bereaved families.

This way every time someone subscribes, they are also giving back to someone who really does need a lovely treat. 

Babacorn-Bricks was created from a time of great pain for our family, but we have turned our sadness into wonderful new memories and joy for both ourselves and our subscribers.

Not long after Paul died, Pip entered a bookmark competition with the Severn hospice which was to design a bookmark to remember a loved one you had lost.  Pips bookmark was a beautiful tree whose branches each represented a member of the family and everyone who Paul  had loved.  Pip was over the moon to win and his bookmarks can still be found in the Severn Hospice shops around Shropshire and as you can imagine he was very proud. 

Pip then decided to raise some money for the hospice by selling his bookmarks to family and friends. He made £700 in total! (See Photo) 

Oskar and Pip were then asked to front the hospice red robin campaign Christmas 2020 to help the hospice sell their robin garden ornaments to raise funds, for this they appeared on the front page of our local newspaper. (See Photo) 

Both boys are a real inspiration and have been through so much in their little lives, yet they carry on by helping their mum in any way they can, and have grown to be the kindest, most gentle and selfless young men you could wish to meet - just like their dad was.  

Their mum was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome shortly after Paul died and had 10 operations in the last 10years  including a jaw replacement, knee and hip surgery.   

Not only must it be scary for them to see another parent ill, but they all look after their mum so well and face everything they have to go through as a family with great courage.  Oskar and his elder brother Rayph both suffer with depression and all face the little spoken about - long term consequences of bereavement.  It doesn’t get easier but as a family they have learned to live with it and these boys are the most amazing tribute to Paul’s legacy that could ever hope for.  Through them he lives on, in their faces, their personalities and their LEGO addictions!!

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