TruLittle Collaborative Group Heroes Winner 2022

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Trulittle Collaborative Group Heroes (7-11)

Juke of London - Kaelan & Jude (Aged 11 & 9 years)


Kaelin and Jude are the  owners of  a sunglasses and apparel company called JUKE of LONDON. The boys have been trading for 10 months and their success has been phenomenal. They have a major social following and have made sales all over the UK plus international sales in America, Africa and Europe. Their sunglasses are loved by influencers and celebrities like Marcus Rashford, Ashley Walters and John Boyega to name a few.

The boys use their influence to give back by raising money and awareness for the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation and ACLT.

Please check their Instagram to see their wonderful business and the impact they make within the community

Instagram: @jukeoflondon