TruLittle Creative Hero
A TRULITTLE CREATIVE HERO is a young person who has or is thriving in fine arts such as photography, paintings, pottery, sculpturing and architecture.

12-17 Age Group

Tumi has done, exceptionally, great in her academic and in developing her chosen career path. She passed top marks in all eight of her 11+ exams last year and remains top student in her school, a top grammar school in England. Since she was 8 years old, she knew she wanted to become an Architect. Last year, she was interviewed and filmed at an architectural event in central London, among the attendees was the architect for the famous London Gherkin building. Also, last week she was invited and attended the Royal Institute of British Architects in West London, and she was the youngest attendee, many were surprised by her age. She is bright, has a great heart and very kind to others.