TruLittle Entrepreneur Hero Nominees 2020

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Trulittle Entrepreneur Hero (7-11)

Jenai Allison (Aged: 10 years)

Jenai attends Brooklands Farm Primary School in Milton Keynes and She just moved into year 6. Baking is her passion. She has been baking since she was 7 years old. The first inspiration she got for her baking was when she was 4 years old and her parents bought her a toy baking set. She was so excited she started to role-play with it immediately! She loved to pretend making cookies! Then, she started to watch her Mum and her big sister bake. She loved every bit of it, especially the lovely smell of the fresh cookies and cakes! Her favourite part was watching them laugh and giggle as they baked. She looked forward to joining them in the whole fun! Another favourite part for her was that she got to taste all of their baked goodies. By the time she was 7 she had enough! She just had to bake! She started with her Mum and sister teaching her.

Over the years, She grew more fond of baking and she then thought to herself, “Why not make this hobby into a career?” and “Why wait when she can start right now?” which is how she got the idea to start her own little business called Jenai’s Joyful Delights! She also made a presentation of Baking recipes which she uses for her baking.

Where does all the money go to?

She thought to herself “I shouldn’t keep all this money to myself, I should give some of the money I make from my business to charity!” And so, she decided to pick Children In Need as her charity! The reason she picked this charity is that she believes no one should be bullied just because they’ve faced challenges throughout their lives! She thinks that no matter what challenges anyone has faced, they should be treated equally because everyone is different and unique in their own way. She wants to make a difference and make their lives better and why not do that by doing something she loves?!

Lastly, she hopes to build a huge brand out of her baking business, and she would love to affect lives positively through it.