Trulittle Entrepreneur Hero (7-11)

Israel Allen (Aged 11 years)


Israel was 8 years old when he had the idea to write a story featuring characters that he had created for fun. He spent a year writing and pursuing his dream of being an author.

He has an amazing imagination and has persevered and worked incredibly hard at not only writing his first novelette (Adventures of Bobfox-Finding my Family) but also creating and marketing a unique brand, Animal Fusions Stories, which you can follow on Instagram @animalfusionsstories.

His entrepreneurial drive has taken his whole family on an amazing journey, and he is not finished yet!

His book has been bought almost 200 times since its independent publication and launch in November 2022. He sells them face-to-face at markets, and they are also available on Adults and children alike have been touched by the first adventure of Bobfox, his main character, and his friends. All have noted the amazing journey that the story takes you on and can’t believe that a ten-year-old has accomplished this! He has big dreams and is planning the writing of his second book already.

Not only does he want to build a successful business, but he also wants to inspire other young people like himself to believe in their ability to do great things with their talents. He wants to encourage young people to invest in reading more as a means to feed their imagination and creativity so that they can be inspired and discover their next great idea that they can use to give back to their communities.

Israel is not just an inspiration because of his age but because of his unwavering commitment to educating and enlightening his peers and even those beyond his age group.

Israel stands out remarkably amongst his contemporaries. His achievements are a testament to his dedication and vision, which far exceeds what is typical for his age. His drive to expand his enterprise, particularly to assist those young individuals struggling with reading, is a testament to his compassionate heart and a vision that stretches beyond mere personal achievement.

A notable aspect of Israel’s character is his unwavering support for his fellow young entrepreneurs. It’s a rare and commendable trait to see someone so young not only purchase products from peers but also actively promote them, giving constructive feedback and boosting their businesses. Israel’s commitment to uplifting those around him highlights his maturity and forward-thinking approach.

His involvement in the Bright Futures pilot program by Innovate UK KTN was groundbreaking. Designed to introduce a younger demographic to business activities such as investment pitches, the initiative aimed to harness the power of inspiration across diverse groups, emphasising diversity in every sense of the word. Israel’s participation in such an adult-dominated environment was nothing short of remarkable. Both seasoned founders and investors were taken aback by his capability to bring value to discussions, seamlessly integrating and interacting with adults much senior to him. This experience marked a significant milestone in Israel’s burgeoning career.

Israel’s accomplishments, dedication to educating others, and unyielding support for his peers make him a shining beacon of hope for the future generation of entrepreneurs and thinkers. His actions and attitude have proven that he not only deserves recognition but will also use it as a stepping stone to achieve even greater things.

Trulittle Entrepreneur Hero (12-18)

Khamani Edwards (Aged 16 years)


Khamani has achieved so much and not allowed his disability to get in the way. At a very young age, he gave a presentation to doctors and surgeons explaining his condition and invited surgeons to his school to educate others about his condition.

He has facilitated and funded the installation of a soft play area at his school so children with disabilities can feel confident playing outside. He has set up and runs his own business.