Trulittle Environmental Hero (12-18)

Muyiwa Quadri (Aged: 13 years)


Muyiwa has been involved in youth-led grant making programs, connecting young people to causes that matter to them, leading change and making positive differences in the community. He is an equipped independent learner, developing and supporting other young people to make healthy life choices and creating an environment where their voices are heard and valued.

He understands the community and helps to make decisions on how funding is dispersed to support peer aspirations and goals. He was involved in deciding an Agenda for Change, created awareness, funding application process, shortlisted applications, conducted interviews and compiled successful applications. These has greatly developed his skills, capabilities and resilience.

He recently went on an International Exchange program to Germany “The Greenet - Green Economy and Network”, a project that aims to develop youth skills and gain practical experience based on green economy and climate change. He was involved in series of workshop, gained knowledge, experience about the environment and created a website with the other participants on the program - to showcase the work done.