Trulittle Inspirational Hero (12-18)

The Young Kingz (Aged: 13 to 15 years)


The Young Kingz Podcast aims to empower and inspire young people to reach their full potential, which started during the pandemic. Using a platform to reconnect, discuss topics, and invite guest speakers for them to learn more about life challenges and career paths, they have interviewed an array of guests, such as radio presenters, Ex gang member Gwen Soley, black multi-millionaire Patrick Reid, and many more. The boys are now 13-15 years old and started their podcast journey at ages 10-12.

They have been very committed and have added creative ideas along the way, such as what guests are invited and the topics they discuss in order to relate to their peer to peer audience. Hosted by a dynamic group of individuals (Romario, Malakhi, Micaiah, Kalel, Muzamil, Cassidy and the newest member, Kelson). The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including personal development, entrepreneurship, entertainment, and social issues. Through interviews, discussions, and storytelling, the hosts share valuable insights, experiences, and advice to help their listeners navigate various aspects of life and pursue their goals. The Young Kingz have participated in several shows and panels, such as Carib & Co Brunch and were finalists for 'Make A Difference Awards' by the BBC in 2022.

They toured BBC Radio London as special guests (they were told that usually under 18's are not allowed in the building) and were interviewed by Eddie Nestor. They have collaborated with other young entrepreneurs, such as The Juke of London, in a photoshoot to support their brand. Young Kingz participated in an 8 week workshop and invited other boys from the community to join them, where they explored how to express themselves and self reflect through art. They are now expanding their creativity by launching their own YouTube channel.

They have also explored their own individual businesses through Ultra Education and have ideas for entrepreneurship on the horizon. They have tried various workshops, such as hairdressing, candle making, and painting, and have explored activities that do not keep them confined to a box. They have had many organizations and business owners believe in the Young Kingz vision, and they have had various sponsors such as Nandos, Wagamama, and London Studio, who provided them with a free studio to record in person episodes and many more examples. Recently, a few of the boys travelled to Orlando for the podfest and learnt many valuable things about their craft. They take the craft of journalism very seriously and hope to only progress in future years.