TruLittle International Hero Nominees 2021

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Trulittle International Hero (7-17)

Swastika Dewangan (Aged: 10 years)


Swastika is a student of The Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya (OAV) that provides free quality education in English to the students, especially from semi-urban and rural areas, from across the states in India. Swastika who from her childhood has shown eagerness for mathematics. She developed her skills with the help of her teacher and parents and tackles maths problems easily and quickly.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, she used her time for doing something different including derivation of formula. During this time, she participated in counting well organized math exam for INDIA MATH DAY 22nd December 2020 and International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) and prepared for Javahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Examination, and Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya (OAV)Examination. She was successful in the OAV Examination with help from her Math teacher of OAV and parents. She was awarded a certificate of merit ranking 425 in India Maths Day competition, in recognition of her excellent performance in International Maths Olympiad academic year 2020-21.

Swastika can tackle higher level math and always tried to do her best. She derived a new technique for determining a Cube of any two-digit number with the help of Vedic Multiplications and (a+b) ³=a³+3ab(a+b) +b³.

Hence her unique technique for determining Cube of any two-digit number, was highly appreciated by the teachers of OAV Lakhanpur for which she has been awarded with a certificate of achievement on occasion of Gandhi & Shastri Jayanti on Dated 2nd October 2021.



Sarvagya Saxena (Aged: 13 years)


Sarvagya is the first of two children and grew up in an environment of educators: his parents both working in the education sector. He is very much loved in his family, and he is studying in one of the best schools in the city of Kota, India. Every teacher likes him, and they praise him for his achievements. He is very confident and brilliant; he won many prizes in different competitions and continues to attain excellent positions in class, sports, Olympiads, etc. He is curious and likes to think out of the box, which has led him to derive a new divisibility rule of 11 using substitution method and algebraic method for achieving the result. His parents are thankful to God for giving them such a great child and wish him a bright future.



Andrew Boateng (Aged: 10 years)


Popularly known as The Number Eminent is in Grade 5 at Tkwart school of Excellence in Berekum Bono Region of Ghana. He is the last, but one born of a family of 4 children. Andrew Junior has special ability in mathematics especially when it comes to counting.  Andrew can mention numbers which go beyond 100 digits and has some unknown facts with figures. He also has special ability in mental mathematics.  Junior Andrew is now under the supervision of the world 10 seconds maths expert Philip Chan. The world human Calculator Scott Fransburg has given Andrew Junior and his other friends in mental maths club his resources free to polish his specialty. Junior Andrew came to the scene with popular Ghanaian blogger Amryaw Debra page after his viral video popped up with his counting and naming ability. A file has been sent to Steve Harvey to include Andrew in his free mentorship program and show. Andrew Junior is one of the best students in his school second to Evelyn Sakyiwaa the trulittle international award winner 2020. Andrew Junior is being inspired by His friend Evelyn Sakyiwaa about her impact in the mathematics field. Not only her, but his mentors are also Philip Chan and Scott Fransburg.  Andrew Junior is aspiring to be a numerologist or a great physician in the coming days.