Trulittle International Hero (7-18)

Guqaza Mbali(Aged: 15 years)


Mbali has been showing zeal and courage in her sport as an athlete. As a child that lost her mother at a young age, she uses her talents to motivate herself and her peers. She also needs to do everything twice as hard as others because there is no one who will encourage her to continue except herself.

Thus, with the help of House of Wells, she could learn how to trust in God and encourage others in the biblical sessions, where we do drama, bible quizzes, and art classes. As she excelled in her sports, she thrived in the sessions.

In her commitment to excellence, she has won in her school athletic program and received an application for the provincial athletic program.  In excelling, she won two medals, which gave her an application to the National athletic program.

The communities and the schools in these areas don't have the facilities or resources to produce nor does the sport, so she was one of the two that won in her school. However, in thriving, she continued without such and being a child that is left orphaned, she is truly a motivation to many young people in her community that are destitute as per the acceptance of the community at large.