Trulittle Leadership Hero (12-18)

Monet-Grace Wille (Aged: 15 years)


has been the top scorer- (the golden boot girl) in the whole of the FA for three seasons in a row for Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire in every age group. She beat all the under 18's , under 17's , and 16's in all three counties three years in a row. Last year, she scored 60 goals. This year, due to an injury, she scored 25 but she was still at the top of the league.

She also proudly represents her school in football and has been greatly awarded in the sports department, with a sports teacher wanting to hang a large photo of her up in the arena.

Last week her team, which is not in the junior premier league, entered the tournament, and they won it, going up against many top teams. She plays as a striker for Luton Town Football Club and is greatly celebrating the first team's promotion to the Premier League this coming season.

She now plays football in the area called “The 3 counties,” Herts, Beds and Bucks. Monet has dominated the charts of the FA by winning the Golden Boot for young women's football (in all age groups under 18) for three consecutive years. (see photos of Trophies, The Statistics from the F.A. website and her photos of her playing in action.) Her unwavering dedication to the sport has made her a shining star on the local football scene.

In 2022, she was approached by Bedfordshire to represent the County and she scored the first goal of the season for them. (see the county photo)

Monet's inspiration comes from when she was a mascot for Luton Town Football Club and again for Tottenham Hotspur as a young child. She had a dream to play and score just like the players whose hands she had held. (see both mascot photos) Now she has the Lioness England football team, which clinched the European Cup, and nearly won the World Cup, demonstrating the heights to which female footballers can soar.

With her sights set high, Monet has committed herself to rigorous training twice a week, working tirelessly under the guidance of coaches from the newly promoted Premier League team, Luton Town football club. (Her trainer, Leah Maddix, is one of her references.

Monet only recently turned 15 years old in July, but she was recently invited to join the Luton Under 18's Women’s Football Team. This is a crucial stepping stone toward her dream of playing for the Women’s first team, as this is the group that players are chosen from. (see screenshot of email for proof)

Despite Monet’s team not being in the Youth Premier league, her incredible skills were showcased in the Young Women's Premier League tournament Summer 2023, where she played a vital role in her team's victory, winning the whole tournament, playing against teams like Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur (see victory trophy photo and 2 player of the match trophies)

Monet recently had the opportunity to pursue her education and women’s football simultaneously. However, due to a lack of signups, the course had to be canceled. However, she refused to let disappointment stand in her way. Her entrepreneurial spirit shone through after participating in a “Dragon's Den-style event” at the Shard in London for young business leaders. This led to her vision of starting a football academy in 2024, aimed at providing younger kids with a week of dedicated football training in the summer holidays, ensuring they don't miss out on opportunities like she did.

This ultimately led to her being headhunted in July at 14 years old for a unique work experience opportunity at “Partners in Export UK” in Luton, working with Peter Jenkin, CEO. She gained hands-on entrepreneurial skills and a breakdown of her business plan that is sure to play a significant role in her future plans for a football school. Monet Grace is not just a rising star in women's football but also a promising young entrepreneur who is determined to make her dreams a reality while ensuring that others have the opportunity to shine alongside her.