TruLittle Musician Hero Nominees 2020

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Trulittle Musician Hero (7-11)

Sophie Davids (Aged: 7 years)

Sophie is an astute music student, who has immensely improved in her musicianship and the playing of musical instruments including the violin and piano which she took up recently. Sophie had an excellent year in 2019, when she was awarded very good grades in her music performance and learning. She played different pieces in several concerts and solo renditions:

  1. Sophie played the violin at the 2019 Havering Music School Summer Musical concert.
  2. She played the keyboards as part of a band at the 2019 St Ursula's School - Rock Steady year-2 concert.
  3. Sophie played the violin for a piece "What a wonderful name" in key of D as part of an orchestra band during the 2019 Harmony Christian Centre's Yearly Children's day and she with other children preformed excellently.
  4. She played a solo piece "A Visit to the British Museum" in the 2020 on her violin at the 2020 Havering Music School Summer Musical concert
  5. Sophie played the violin for a piece "How Great is Our God" in key of G, as a solo during the 2020 Harmony Christian Centre's Yearly Children's day which was remotely presented on Zoom 
    Sophie is on her way to take her grade piano exams in Dec 2020.

Timothy Olojo (Aged: 10 years)

Timothy plays the piano and the cornet. He passed his grade 3 ABRSM practical assessment in 2019 and was due to take his grade 4 assessment in April this year but this was cancelled due to the global pandemic. He is currently working on the grade 5 assessment which he intends to complete immediately after the grade 4. 
Timothy is a leading member of the Goresbrook school brass band and has played at a number of events. He performed a piano solo at the Goresbrook secondary school gala on invitation in 2019, in addition to various music presentations including solo performances at the Thimmy Music Minstrels (TMM) annual music concert. TMM is the name of the piano teacher’s group of children. They host events and presentations at various locations mainly churches), school concerts and Timothy was part of the 1st Harmony Christian Centre- his church's children's orchestra.

Trulittle Musician Hero (12-17)

Shannon Darcy (Aged: 16 years)

Shannon is a kind hard working extremely talented girl who always gives a 100% in whatever she does . She is also a very talented songwriter, artist and writer. Last year she sang at a number of charity events and helped raise money and entertain many people. Shannon is a kind, compassionate caring 16-year-old. She has just completed her last year at school where she was a prefect and head of the bully counsel. She has also been the Schools Music Ambassador for the last two years. Shannon’s main passion is singing, and she is determined to make it as a recording artist one day. She loves to write her own songs and perform to large audiences. Aside from singing Shannon loves to write fictional stories. Her recent fan fiction online reached 20,000 views. She is a keen writer and would love give writing for film and tv a go one day! Shannon has a real interest in supporting charity events, including the Essex Soundbite SEN festival, Time to Prevent Knife Crime Event, Lifstan Way Care Home Fund Raiser and Collier Row Carnival (after which she was presented a medal by the Mayor) to name but a few. Shannon is hoping to do more with charity this year, and she can’t wait to continue writing her own material as she wants to use her music to inspire others to overcome difficulties and believe in themselves.

Shannon has always had a passion for singing, she discovered her talent aged 10 when holidaying at a holiday park. She entered a singing competition there, and despite it being the first time she had ever performed on stage in front of anyone she ended up winning the regional finals! This then inspired her to develop her vocal ability and gain confidence by gaining experience at local events and competitions.
Since then Shannon has been lucky enough to be selected twice to perform solo at the Royal Albert Hall in London which was an amazing experience and she loved every minute.
Shannon became a finalist in Factor Essex – (a local XFACTOR spin off competition) in 2017. Performing in the live shows each week really helped develop her as the artist she wants to become. From this she went on to be nominated as Best New Break through Artist 2017 at the South East Essex Entertainment Awards. This opened more opportunities to learn and develop skills and sing at other local events. She developed her online presence, posting her covers to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
In 2019 Shannon entered Factor Essex again not only did she make it as a finalist in the live shows, but she took 3rd place in the final. She was nominated for the South East Essex Choice Award on the 26th of January 2020 she also performed on stage that day and later found out she had won! 
Shannon has also been working with JD Elite Academy to develop herself as an artist, in November last year she performed at an event for them to an audience of 10,000 people at a fireworks event in Essex. This year Shannon hopes to continue recording her original songs and continue gigging and writing new material. In her spare time Shannon has also recently started to learn to play snooker and darts and has started to enjoy going out walking.

Social Media:
YouTube is : Shannon D’Arcy:
Instagram is: shannondarcy_  

Here are a few singing links, a bio on Shannon and some pictures. Hope that’s ok.


Joy Mensah (Aged: 12 years)

Joy has enjoyed music most part of her life. Right from the age of 5, Joy started music and dance classes with Stagecoach for two years. Her singing talent was noticed in her primary school, where she sang beautifully in one of their end of year school programs. 
Joy has continued her music education by being involved with the Barking and Dagenham Community Music Ensemble, where she plays violin with the junior ensemble.
Joy's versatility in playing various instrument has also been recognised. She was identified as having the potential of playing the trumpet while in primary school and she is currently taking lessons to write ABRSM Grade 1 exam in piano. Although Joy has not yet written the Grade 1 exam, her tutor is currently taking her through the Grade 2 ABRSM, as she believes she is ready and she would have written the exam, if not for delays caused by COVID 19. Joy plays active parts in her church, Harmony Christian Centre, Dagenham, children's ministry. She is in the drama team; children's orchestra and she is a lead vocalist in the children's choir.