The nomination lines are closed

The nominations for the 2024 event will open on 05/08/2024. Please see the Process page for more information.

Nomination criteria and eligibility

In order to be eligible for any of The TruLittle Hero Awards categories, nominees must be aged between 7 and 18 and must have been carrying out their activities for a minimum of 12 months.
Nominators must know the young person personally or in a professional capacity, i.e. teacher, youth worker, coach. Nominators are advised to inform the nominee's parents, if they are not directly related to the nominee.

Additional requirements
Nominees must provide supporting statements that reflect their efforts and contributions as relevant to their nominated categories. In addition, nominees must provide photographic evidence to support their statement of achievements and two references (Full names and email addresses). Please send these additional requirements separately to after submitting your nomination.

The nomination lines are now closed.

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