Trulittle Permorming Arts Heroes (Group)

BrixKidz (Aged: 6-15)


BrixKidz has being hosting seasonal programs (Easter, Christmas and Holiday Bible Club) and a weekly online program at -Brixkidz Live -to utilise the gift and talents of children motivate and inspire others to have a growth -mindset. BrixKidz Live is entirely produced by children for children. Children presenters participate from different locations presenting songs, personal stories, object lessons, health tips, Bible stories, interviews, discussions and much more. All to teach children good characters, leadership and right decision-making and more. The children of Brixkidz (Jonelle, Neil, Nicholas, Bwalya, Tumelo, Matthew, D'yana, Christian, Jayden, Abi, Angelina, Roo, Aleyna, Ritchelle) produce videos that are welcoming, fun, safe, educational, well planned and resourced. The involve children from the entire world to take part and share their talents.

BrixKidz children also produce and present Easter programs, Christmas programs and a weeklong Holiday Bible club for children. They also have present an hour-long program on Adventist Radio London every Saturday at 4:00pm. Brixkidz Live program in now air in many countries and has recently being added the KidsclubforJesus platform in the USA - a popular children network operated by world  renowned author, singer, cook and TV host Brenda Walsh. They have been an inspiration to hundreds of children. 

Brixkidz Live also has its YouTube channel and Facebook page that you can see the work done by the children You can see all of their videos on the website - and on their Youtube channel and their Facebook page

The programs are also aired in the USA on the largest children platform run by  Singer, TV presenter, TV Chef Miss Brenda Walsh - see link

Dare2Dance (Aged: 2-10)


They have been busy growing and developing even with Covid hitting them they have continued to train and get stronger. Each pupil has achieved something new and they are all working hard, they have continued to fundraise for others and have raised over £500. New pupils are welcomed and we are a true dance family who supports each other.