TruLittle Samaritan Hero Nominees 2022

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Trulittle Samaritan Hero (7-11)

Vivienne Monique (Aged: 9 years)


Vivienne  is a young and enthusiastic kid from London, United Kingdom. She is currently titled as Pure International Junior Miss England 2021/2022, which she won in the national pageant in the UK and has Pure international presence based in Ohio, USA.

Vivienne Monique loves doing charity works and she established her personal advocacy on #ACTIONAGAINSTHUNGER where she has been helping within her local communities in London.

Vivienne has been an active supporter of her local Salvation Army Charity, for which she had several donations, sorting out their food packages, reading and storytelling with young kids as part of Youth & Children’s Ministries.  She is also part of the young volunteers for food donations in her primary school sorting all donations, helping with the packaging, and delivering these food packs and basic essentials to families who were greatly affected by the rising cost of living and the pandemic.

Vivienne has also been part of donation of new instruments to the First Aid Kit of our local Catholic Church - Holy Cross Catholic Church.  She also visited her local parish priest and the Franciscan sisters to check on their wellbeing and provide food pack donations during the first ease of lockdown. She is also part of the feeding programme for frontliners of King's College Hospital – NHS Trust in the United Kingdom.

She is an International Ambassador for Faith+Love+Care International Children's Foundation, (FLC) which is a nonprofit organisation based in Texas USA, and the Philippines and has been created to support, assist and help the less fortunate children around the globe, one day at a time.  Vivienne Monique attended FLC’s Outreach Fellowship in Tondo, Manila, Philippines last Dec 2019 in partnership with IRMEC TONDO Children’s Ministry which made more than 100 less fortunate children happy. She had been part of their program and gift-giving of some kids' toys, clothes, and slippers, she had met and played with the children and also helped in serving their festive lunch for all.

She is also a Charity Ambassador for Princess of the Universe Charities Organisation and has raised more than £1000 by selling face masks during the pandemic to help and support and provide immediate aid to the affected families due to a strong typhoon in the Philippines

She is one of the global ambassadors for Cancel Cancer Africa charity and CHABS UK, which provide free medical services in rural Africa and education about the early signs, symptoms, and reduction of mortality and morbidity caused by cancer in their local communities.

Vivienne also promoted her other advocacy on #EDUCATION FOR INDIGENOUS CHILDREN

She was recently appointed as an International Kid Ambassador for the Lumad Kids Education DABAWENYO UK. This is a non-profit organisation that provides school scholarship grant for the benefit of Lumad children who are one of the indigenous tribes in Mindanao, Philippines.

Currently, there are 74 Lumad children under their scholarship and they aim to provide more scholarships and help their local communities to have access to formal education with a primary goal of helping them to protect their land and their cultural heritage.

She delivered her acceptance speech as a guest of honour in the Araw ng Dabaw event of Dabawenyo UK to over 400 audiences emphasising the importance of providing scholarships to the indigenous kids and she concluded her speech with the message to the children that, “A brighter future always starts with education.”

Vivienne Monique loves the arts. She became a “Mini Ikon” (model resident) for House of Ikons as she walked for different fashion designers during London Fashion Week. She also graced different fashion runways in Milan Fashion Week, also different shows in the UK, Italy, and the Philippines.

She is a fashion ambassador for several designers like Korn Taylor as a Diamond Ambassador, Mitch Desunia, MM Milano as a brand ambassador, and Ethnic Royals Outstanding Kids Awardee.  She is also a model resident for Charity Fashion Shows with CHABS UK.

She has been featured in fashion editorials from different international magazines in USA, UK, and Europe to promote her love for arts, to promote her advocacies, and charity works.

She has been awarded as one of the World’s Most Influential Young Leaders – Awarded by the World Leaders Association, The American International Education Federation, and the Thailand International Awards. She also received her Shine Star Ambassador award from the Ladies Of All Nations International (LOANI) & Vietnam International Awards.

She is also an ICON member of the Centre for Pop Music Philippines - Lipa Branch and has been invited and performed in local radio stations and virtual charity concerts for the benefit of cardio patients in Batangas Medical Centre in the Philippines.

Vivienne will also be playing a role in Disney’s Moana Jr. Musical with The British Theatre Academy production in Bob Hope Theatre in London late this year.

JUKE of LONDON - Kaelan & Jude (Aged 11 & 9 years)


Kaelan and Jude are the  owners of  a sunglasses and apparel company called JUKE of LONDON. The boys have been trading for 10 months and their success has been phenomenal. They have a major social following and have made sales all over the UK plus international sales in America, Africa and Europe. Their sunglasses are loved by influencers and celebrities like Marcus Rashford, Ashley Walters and John Boyega.

The boys use their influence to give back by raising money and awareness for the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation and ACLT.

Please check their Instagram to see their wonderful business and the impact they make within the community

Instagram: @jukeoflondon

Tyler David (Aged 10 years)


Tyler's heart and dedication has been incredible since age 4. He just published his 43rd book on Amazon, sharing with kids all the lessons and skills he learns. Some percentage of his profits goes to his chosen charity. He makes an impact wherever he goes. He also helped Amanda Hill create characters for her own children's book series Meet the Mood Munchers. He deserves the award for his commitment to others, for supporting causes and making a difference at such a young age.

Jayden Melius (Aged 7 years)


Jayden is aware there are many homeless who are hungry and their basic needs are not met. He is always excited to participate in feeding the homeless, praying for them and providing them with information on where to get help and support. One of his dreams is to become an architect and build homes for the homeless.

Clean environment project- Jayden did street cleaning as a personal holiday project picking litter on the streets of his local community into black bins. For a 7-year-old to embark on such an activity, it attracted the attention of passers-by and provided him the opportunity to educate them about the importance of keeping our local community clean and the damage plastic pollution has on the environment.

Jayden dedicated many hours to the street cleaning project. He always wants to put a smile on people's faces. In February 2022 his school awarded him a certificate of courageous & extraordinary service to the community.

Jayden did fundraising through his local church to support people displaced by the war in Ukraine.


Jenson Shamtally-Tedder (Aged 7 years)


Jenson was only 2 years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour that would change his life forever. He had high hopes to ride a bike and play football but this all came to an end when the surgery to save his life had devastating consequences. He developed Posterior Fossa Syndrome, a condition that leaves the person unable to move any muscles in the body. 

He had trouble breathing, eating, drinking and taking care of himself. Over the last 5yrs he has fought hard with a great family and therapy team to regain his mobility. Overcoming a regrowth of the tumour experienced in 2019 with chemotherapy he still attended mainstream school and wanted to have fun. 

Through lockdown in 2020 when he was at home and still receiving his weekly chemotherapy sessions, he helped his Mother to create a set of aromatherapy balms called MUSCLE MECHANICS. These balms were used by Jenson to get over sick bugs, colds & Flu as well as everyday pain experienced through exercising his muscles to help with everyday life. He currently walks with a frame but has started to take a few steps on his own. The sheer courage and determination is incredible. 

Jenson currently supports Farnborough Town Football Club and Camberley United by walking the team out on match days. He loves to help the community and raise awareness of Brain tumours in children. He regularly participates in campaigns led by The Children's Trust and Sebastian's Action Trust as he believes this is not just about him but his whole family. Jensen's mission is to encourage others to believe in the recovery journey from any starting point in life.


Maryam Jazeem (Aged 10 years)


Maryam is a Multi Award Winning Prodigy. She is a Public Speaker, Social Media Influencer & Kidpreneur. She is also an active campaigner on Social Causes. She is a British National by birth in 2012 to a parent of Sri Lankan Origin. She is currently 10  years old. She has also been a homeSchooler since her Grade 4.

She is very much interested in Reading and Art. She was guided to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge at her age 2 and successfully achieved the target in a reading challenge and was awarded certificates and Medals in 2014 and 2015 by The Reading Agency in association with Guinness World Record.

She was a recipient of the Reading Challenge Champion Medals by The Reading Agency UK in association with Guinness World Record at her Age 2 & Age 3 for successfully achieving the reading target in the Summer Reading Challenge Competition held in 2014 ,2015 & 2015. 

At her tender age of 5, She secured 3rd Place and a Special Price in the “International Quran Memorisation” and “Islamic Knowledge Competition” respectively conducted by the “Muslim Ville” Organisation based in Canada in the summer of 2018.

Following her Achievement in the International Islamic Competition, she was nominated for the “The London Excel Award” organized by the “Dawatul Islam UK and Eire” which is a Charitable Organisation founded in 1978. She was awarded “The Excel Award” for dedication and curiosity to seek knowledge for the sake of Almighty God (Allah) in 2017.

In the Holy Month of Ramadan in 2018, She expressed her thoughts on sharing the Values of her achievements and wanted to create a similar opportunity to the children around the globe during Ramadan. Her thoughts and ideas have now been promoted as the “Quran Champion Award” Competition through British Islamic School. She initiated the first ever Quran Champion Award Competition with the help of her father from Sri Lanka. Ref Link: ( was launched in Sri Lanka in 2018 through British Islamic School.

Read more about her other achievements in her supporting statement.

Trulittle Samaritan Hero (12-17)

Amber Hood (Aged: 16 years)


Amber since lock down back in March 2020 age 14 has raised  over £30,000 for different charities. Amber has attended over 300 events dressed in her mascots to help raise money for charities. She has held  free children's disco for local children. She also participates in fundraising for any sick child in the area to get treats.

 Every year she donates over 500 Easter eggs and during Christmas she donates over 600 bags of sweets to local hospitals . 

She visits care homes. At the moment, she is fundraising for a bleed kit to be situated at the heathway Dagenham.  Amber is a young charitable girl who will help anyone.  She  even jumped out of an aeroplane for Christie cancer and DKMS (an international nonprofit bone marrow donor centre). She also tries to get people to sign up to the DKMS to try and save a child’s life. Amber raised over 10k for Christie.  Amber owns over 15 mascots that she uses to raise money.

Instagram and enter amberh.pageants you will see 80 percent of Ambers charity work with photos and dates or Nicola papworth on Facebook you will see her charity work 

Amber won: 

- 2018 Barking and Dagenham young empowering women of the year. 
- 2020 Amber won highly commended  inspirational youth pride of Essex 

She is incredible. Every week she is doing another fundraiser for people in the community, helping for funeral costs and people who have suffered from COVID. She holds free discos every half term for the children and has been doing this for as long as I have known her. 

She uses her title to educate others about Blood Cancer and the DKMS Charity, inspiring so many people from all over the UK and the world, even America noticed her video!! She helps everyone she sees, even when she had COVID, she was still helping (from her own home as she adhered to all the covid restrictions) and would give someone her last penny if she could!

Anna Hoang (Aged: 12 years)


Anna is a young role model , Miss Junior Regal World 21/22, Global Change Maker whose mission as a young leader is to continue to encourage, support and empower other young people.

Anna is one of the Global Inspiring Leaders by Ladies of all nations international . She is the founder of the charity Anna Foundation, a fashion designer of Love Collection brand, Humanitarian, Supporter for the underprivileged children.

Anna  is one exceptional young leader. She is a young lady of strong moral character, who treats others with courtesy and respect. Her ability to communicate easily and effectively and establish a rapport with people has resulted in a large group of loyal friends.

Her kindness and creativity brings joy to the world. She works tirelessly to help other young people

She also does Charity work where her dedication and enthusiasm are well recognised. Anna & her friend Emily spent all of their savings to buy and give 360 hand lotion boxes, donating it to the NHS health system to thank the NHS health heroes in the UK.

Anna along with so many others, have designed and written 1000 homemade cards to be sent to Care Homes for the elderly. These cards send a message of hope and kindness to them during these difficult times. She also volunteered to join the free online English training program for the Vietnamese community in Singapore as a teaching assistant.

She established the Anna Foundation to help poor students in Vietnam. Each year we award 50 scholarships to students for the next new school year. Every scholarship is worth £35. The Anna Foundation, which was initially founded to raise money for children’s education in Vietnam, has since expanded its scope to support those in other countries. From the gala, we used 1000 pounds to renew a classroom in Long Binh B school, Tien Giang , Vietnam and give them an opportunity to learn, while also donating 1000 pounds to children in Africa.

Previously on May 29th, Ladies of all nations international VN-UK , Anna Foundation and Park Pharmacy held a charity gala to raise 8900 pounds for the underprivileged in Vietnam, Africa and Elderly in the UK.

The Anna Foundation is also taking part in a book donation campaign to send books to disabled children in Africa. The project is called the International Book Campaign. Books for reading and learning are being donated to this charity, which gives them out to children with disabilities. This campaign aims to help the disabled, in line with Anna Foundation’s mission: to help others with their education. Being able to help those in Africa, as she did for Vietnam and the UK makes her delighted as there is some way to contribute to others' positive education. She applauded this campaign from within her heart.


You Tube : Anna Hoang

IG / TikTok : @annahoang8689

Facebook: ANNAHOANG-Miss Junior Regal World 21/22