TruLittle Samaritan Hero Winner 2021

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Trulittle Samaritan Hero (7-11)

Anna Hoang (Aged: 11 years)


Is a person whose goal is to spread kindness, the first charity event Anna attended was in the year 2018. At this auction, Anna was able to  raise £2000 for the underprivileged people in Vietnam, so they could have a better and brighter future.

On the 9th of June, 2019, Anna  and her friend Emily showcased their newly founded collection, ‘Love Collection’, at Emily's charity event for the organisation, Together for Short Lives.

After that successful event, Anna decided to start supporting other charities, such as: Cancel Cancer Africa,  Little Princess Trust (which supports all the children diagnosed with cancer in the UK) and became the Ambassadors of the MAVN charity, a Vietnam-based charity also in the UK.

Last year, Anna & Emily spent all of their savings to buy and give 360 hand lotion boxes, donating it to the NHS health system in the UK. Anna and her friend gave out their voice, to call for the Vietnamese community in the UK and their friends and peers, for more donations and more practical actions, to thank the NHS health heroes in the UK.

During the third, UK lockdown period, Anna along with so many others, have designed and written homemade cards.
The cards will be sent to Care Home’s for the elderly. These cards send a message of hope and kindness to them during these difficult times.
While making the cards, every word written to them was meaningful and showed that a lot of effort was put into the designs itself, too. The cards are meant to put a smile on their faces, making sure that while they read it, they feel reassured and not alone.

After sending them, the founder sent back an urgent letter, stating that they would like to recruit more people to join the campaign.

When the letter was sent, Anna thought of the idea of recruiting other kids from the Vietnamese community in the UK. Thus, leading to the Vietnamese Kids in the UK taking part in RainOnMe’s ‘Cards for the Elderly’ campaign.

Then, it occurred to Anna, how could they record all of this? Efforts are memorable but they also want others to see these amazing creations. Anna decided on scanning the cards, sending them into a computer file.
When the time came, where all 1000 cards had been scanned and saved, they could make a book full of effort and kindness.

The pages of the book would be full of the cards made by us children. A memory, a shared passion, a kindness that has been spread. 

“The more people we can get to join us, the more we can do for the elderly and our people. Helping is a way of rewarding yourself, for whatever good goes around, comes around. The moment you choose to take a good deed, the favour will be returned to you. Be sure to remember that the reward isn’t the only thing that matters, it’s just a fraction of it. The real award is the feeling you get after knowing you helped another person.”- Anna said

Anna also volunteered to join the free online English training program for the Vietnamese community in Singapore as a teaching assistant. The program, with 8 classes, is mostly dedicated to ordinary workers, in order to help them acquire knowledge of English for work, easy communication, assistance when working away from home and starting a new life somewhere else.
In addition, Anna also  organized an English-loving club to connect, exchange and motivate children in Vietnam to learn and improve English— the main language, which is spoken globally.

Anna also established the ANNA Foundation to help poor students in Vietnam. Each year we will award 20 scholarships to students for the next new school year. Every scholarship is worth 35 British pounds. In addition, a fashion show at nursing homes across the UK will be held every year so we can visit the elderly in person and give them a smile and show them loving care.

On the 25th of September 2021, Anna also participated in a charity program. There, Anna has performed an auction off a dress she designed  to raise money 1 thousand 1 hundred pounds for the healthcare workers in Vietnam who are at the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic and save the lives of others, who have unfortunately been infected by COVID.

“ As this is a time of great need, I’ve learnt and realised we should not take what we have for granted. There are so many people out there, who don’t have a lot, and have lost a lot too; we can try to change that.
I want to spread a message of positivity and love around the world and in order for us to do just that we must help others. Spreading love, warmth and positivity is what we should all do.” -Anna said.