TruLittle Samaritan Hero Winners 2022

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Trulittle Samaritan Hero (7-11)

Maryam Jazeem (Aged 10 years)


Maryam is a Multi Award Winning Prodigy. She is a Public Speaker, Social Media Influencer & Kidpreneur. She is also an active campaigner on Social Causes. She is a British National by birth in 2012 to a parent of Sri Lankan Origin. She is currently 10  years old. She has also been a homeSchooler since her Grade 4.

She is very much interested in Reading and Art. She was guided to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge at her age 2 and successfully achieved the target in a reading challenge and was awarded certificates and Medals in 2014 and 2015 by The Reading Agency in association with Guinness World Record.

She was a recipient of the Reading Challenge Champion Medals by The Reading Agency UK in association with Guinness World Record at her Age 2 & Age 3 for successfully achieving the reading target in the Summer Reading Challenge Competition held in 2014 ,2015 & 2015. 

At her tender age of 5, She secured 3rd Place and a Special Price in the “International Quran Memorisation” and “Islamic Knowledge Competition” respectively conducted by the “Muslim Ville” Organisation based in Canada in the summer of 2018.

Following her Achievement in the International Islamic Competition, she was nominated for the “The London Excel Award” organized by the “Dawatul Islam UK and Eire” which is a Charitable Organisation founded in 1978. She was awarded “The Excel Award” for dedication and curiosity to seek knowledge for the sake of Almighty God (Allah) in 2017.

In the Holy Month of Ramadan in 2018, She expressed her thoughts on sharing the Values of her achievements and wanted to create a similar opportunity to the children around the globe during Ramadan. Her thoughts and ideas have now been promoted as the “Quran Champion Award” Competition through British Islamic School. She initiated the first ever Quran Champion Award Competition with the help of her father from Sri Lanka. Ref Link: ( was launched in Sri Lanka in 2018 through British Islamic School.

Read more about her other achievements in her supporting statement.

Trulittle Samaritan Hero (12-17)

Amber Hood (Aged: 16 years)


Amber since lock down back in March 2020 age 14 has raised  over £30,000 for different charities. Amber has attended over 300 events dressed in her mascots to help raise money for charities. She has held  free children's disco for local children. She also participates in fundraising for any sick child in the area to get treats.

 Every year she donates over 500 Easter eggs and during Christmas she donates over 600 bags of sweets to local hospitals . 

She visits care homes. At the moment, she is fundraising for a bleed kit to be situated at the heathway Dagenham.  Amber is a young charitable girl who will help anyone.  She  even jumped out of an aeroplane for Christie cancer and DKMS (an international nonprofit bone marrow donor centre). She also tries to get people to sign up to the DKMS to try and save a child’s life. Amber raised over 10k for Christie.  Amber owns over 15 mascots that she uses to raise money.

Instagram and enter amberh.pageants you will see 80 percent of Ambers charity work with photos and dates or Nicola papworth on Facebook you will see her charity work 

Amber won: 

- 2018 Barking and Dagenham young empowering women of the year. 
- 2020 Amber won highly commended  inspirational youth pride of Essex 

She is incredible. Every week she is doing another fundraiser for people in the community, helping for funeral costs and people who have suffered from COVID. She holds free discos every half term for the children and has been doing this for as long as I have known her. 

She uses her title to educate others about Blood Cancer and the DKMS Charity, inspiring so many people from all over the UK and the world, even America noticed her video!! She helps everyone she sees, even when she had COVID, she was still helping (from her own home as she adhered to all the covid restrictions) and would give someone her last penny if she could!