TruLittle Scribe Hero Nominees 2020

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Trulittle Scribe Hero (7-11)

Sabira Miah (Aged: 7 years)

Sabira wrote an inspirational book called ‘I can do anything’ when she was just 5 years old.


Ridhwan Miah (Aged: 10 years)

Ridhwan wrote a book called ‘Beginner’s guide to space’ when he was 9 years old.


Emmanuel Awe (Aged: 6 years)

Emmanuel dictated his first story about a dinosaur's race at the age of 4 with his mum typing as he narrated. He was later inspired to write another story at the age of 5 for publishing. He chose a valentine's theme and titled the book, 'A dinosaur for Valentine' as a gift to his classmates on Valentine's day. Through his writing, Emmanuel wanted to write a book that showed people how to show care and love for one another.  
Emmanuel has always had the desire to help people and share goodness with them where possible. He further proved this to be true by starting a charity to help children who are suffering (homeless and hungry) around the world.  He has already adopted a child from Benue state in Nigeria and intends to visit him and others after the restrictions are over.


Eunice Olagbolabo (Aged: 11 years)

Writing is expressing the thoughts in your heart, unleashing all that power, anger, rage and happiness onto a piece of paper. It releases an unseen part of you. A single blank page can be turned into a splendid piece of writing that can change lives and even the world! Words can make lives and create change, or they could burn and destroy.

My name is Eunice Opemipo Olagbolabo, the second child among three siblings. I am 11 years old and an exquisite writer, who loves to explore with words and make them into picturesque masterpieces. My talent for writing began to evolve at age 5; I have always been known as a voracious reader, when I read, I feel intrigued and it’s as if I’ve been magically dropped into another world. While embarking on reading journey, books continued to sail me to different places, leading me to a place where I would be the one to take people on a journey. As the ship continued to sail onwards, so did I and that is how I came about writing my first book titled
Inspiration is a collection of 23 poems that touches on various aspects of human lives. As the world advances in technologies and new generations are evolving with bright and unimaginable inventions, there is a need to remind ourselves of who we really are and things we should appreciate in our world. This collection of poems will surely be one that many will enjoy and all age groups (young children, teenagers, adults, even the elderly) will benefit from its message. As well as writing a book, many of my writings have won various awards and achieved publication status in many of Young Writers published titles. Copies of these books are in the British Library. The underlisted are publications by Young Writers, UK that contain some of my writings:

  • Write to Unite - Inspiring Words. Title of Entry: Our Nation, Our World, Together Forever
    This poem is about the Coronavirus Pandemic which is slowly poisoning our world. This was a competition I entered during the lockdown.
  • Once Upon a Dream- World of Wonders 2019. Title of Entry: The Forest of Nightmares. In this competition, over 12,000 entries were submitted in nationwide.
  • Poetry Idol -Treasured Rhymes. Title of Entry: My Poetry Idol.
  • Poetry Wonderland- Worlds of Wonder. Title of Entry: Riding on a Rainbow.
  • Ancient Adventures 2019 Kent. Title of Entry: Victorian Life. 14,000 people nationwide submitted their entries and mine was among the few chosen for publication

In addition, in the Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge of 2019 in the London Borough of Bexley; 4,301 students across the borough competed, I was among the 35 lucky winners to meet the Mayor of the borough, who presented me and the others certificate of achievement. I read 8 books in total during the summer holiday of that year.

Trulittle Scribe Hero (12-17)


Janelle Allison (Aged: 12 years)

Janelle was born in Dunstable, United Kingdom. I attend Oakgrove School in Milton Keynes and I just moved into year 8.  I’ve been writing since I was five years old. While in Reception at my first school, Thomas Whitehead School in Dunstable, my work was selected amongst the school collection that was made into a book titled ‘We Are Writers!’. In Year 6 at Brooklands Farm School Milton Keynes, ‘School Changes’, a poem I wrote in a national competition organised by Young Writers (2019), was chosen for publication in the ‘Poetry Wonderland – Poems From Buckinghamshire’. Also, in another competition recently organised by Young Writers (2020), my work, Predator And Prey, was selected for publication in the book titled Hunted – Amazing Adventures.One of my favourite authors is Jacqueline Wilson and she has inspired me a lot in my writing. Since I tried writing at an early age and absolutely loved it, I decided that I wanted to make it a part of my career. My first book, RAINBOW: Make Your Dreams a Reality By Not Giving Up On Them, which I recently completed, was launched last month (August 2020) and is now available on AMAZON. Link below:

I also made a short YouTube video, introducing RAINBOW and sharing 3 of the important lessons readers will learn from the book [].

My parents and I (and many others who have read my book) do believe that the book, RAINBOW, is very timely and will encourage many children and young adults to pull through life’s challenges, especially during this period of Covid-19. I am really excited, and I do hope that my book will put smiles on many faces and encourage them to move forward during these difficult and challenging times.

Writing is my passion and I am already working on my next book which I hope to complete soon.

Janelle is a young talented writer. She has been working really hard in the last few years in order to get her books out there for everyone. Recently, her book, RAINBOW: Make Your Dreams A Reality By Not Giving Up On Them, was launched on Amazon. Link below:

The book cover (front and back) is shown below.