TruLittle Sports Hero Nominees 2022

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Trulittle Sports Hero (7-11)

Saray-Destiny Crosdale (Aged: 11 years)


Saray-Destiny is a very strong individual, physically and mentally, which are attributes conducive to any athlete.  She has always enjoyed taking part in many different sports from a very young age and representing her school. These sports include football, rugby, rounders, netball, cricket, basketball, multisport, hockey and cross country, where at the age of just 6  old she received bronze in the local schools championships.

The first time her talent in her main sport of athletics was discovered was her first ever competition, at her local schools championships.  To our surprise she won her race.  This was at a time when everyone was returning to sporting activities after the pandemic and were not necessarily at their best.  After seeing this talent, her mother expressed her amazement to Saray-Destiny's father who was not so sure, until he saw  her run in a race against older children and boys and yes, she won.  

With this discovered, her dad helped to propel her, and Saray-Destiny expressed her own enjoyment in running and quickly asked to join her local athletics club. Saray-Destiny swiftly found her feet in the club and started enjoying participating in many competitions and winning extensive races.  Saray-Destiny has shown pure willingness and determination in her field of sporting activities, where no matter the weather she is pestering her dad to take her to training. 

Saray-Destiny has won many races, where her competition is older and stronger but her pure grit and determination has pulled her through to victory. This year Saray-Destiny has competed in her 1st year and has finished the season in exceptional standings on the UK Power of 10 website.  Saray-Destiny's name can be seen on the said website sitting in the top 6,10 and 20 positions in the whole of the UK  for her sprinting disciplines, and has won numerous medals, all this being where the majority of competitors are year 2 runners compared to Saray-Destiny being a year 1 runner.

For her primary school Saray-Destiny also achieved many sporting greats, one outstanding  was when she won the South of England schools championships in multi events and was named outstanding/best sports girl of the competition.

Saray-Destiny is a real example of how no matter how young you are, you can achieve anything and that your only limit is your own mind.

Ethan Douglas (Aged: 11 years)


Ethan has done really great in pursuing his football career and has been an amazing team player and a captain as well.

Ethan has been awarded amongst others:

- Standout captain
- Man of the match
- Best improved player

In his local club, shooting stars youth football club, Redbridge London.


Odilanma Nwachukwu (Aged: 11 years)


Odilanma is a budding sportsman. He has a passion for football and he is an active member of Shooting stars young footballers club.

Odilanma received sporting trophies as the most resistant and overcame challenges player.

Odilanma is an active member of Harmony Christian Centre's children ministry. He regularly takes roles in our activities like drama, bible quiz, choir. He is courteous and works well in groups.

Chiagoziem Nwachukwu (Aged: 11 years)


Chiagoziem is a very keen sportsman. He has a passion for football and he is a member of Shooting stars YFC Chadwell Heath Romford. Chiagoziem's sporting efforts have been recognised as he won two trophies 2021and 2022 consecutively for being the most consistent and most improved in behaviour player of the year. 

Chiagoziem also demonstrates his talent and skills in Harmony Christian Centre's children ministry. He regularly takes roles in our activities like drama, bible quiz, choir and he is a good team player.