TruLittle Technology Hero Nominees 2020

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Trulittle Technology Hero (7-11)

Joshua Ogunlaja (Aged: 8 years)

Joshua started learning code at the age of 4, using blocks and robot programming. At age 8. he has developed lots of programs for websites, games and robot. During the COVID-19 lockdown Joshua has selflessly given his time and effort to freely teach, coordinate and support hundreds of kids between the ages of 5-12 years old on how to write their own codes and solve coding challenges in Java Scripts and Python. He has diligently and consistently provided his support online to these children within the BAME communities internationally, in the UK, US, India, Canada and Africa.  
Consequently, these children have moved from having no coding knowledge to writing their own code and creating some mini games in JavaScripts and Python. Joshua has inspired them to  confidently put up their solved and attempted coding  challenges up in the Youtube channel provided for  them on on And this portfolio has continued to grow everyday organically with parents referring their friends and families’ kids and giving recommendation on Trustpilot

Even with Joshua's academic work, he selflessly taught and encouraged the kids for over one and half hour twice weekly for the last six months for free. The class helps the kids to be collaborative and interactive during the lockout. He really enjoys it and continued to maintain the coding class as a long-term venture.
Joshua is an outstanding student at his school. He has received awards for as the best student in Mathematics and English at his school.

Utkarsh Thakur (Aged: 10 years)

Utkarsh who found interest in technology at the age of 7. He has made websites on org and and he knows everything about hosting account,  domain, Cpanel. He made 2 other websites for a business and and he is building one right now. He does promotions on social media and he has interest in Adobe XD, he makes apps and makes promotional pages.

Eunice Olagbolabo (Aged: 11 years)

The reason we might act differently than who we truly are is because we are afraid of what someone else might think or say. The opinions of other people end up outweighing what we think of ourselves.

However, if you have a passion for something, you will never give up on it, but do everything possible to attain.

Coding is today’s language of creativity and Computer Science is a subject that has fascinated my interest. I am enthralled by the innovations and inventions technologies have brought to our world and one day will see myself coming up with landmark invention. Technological innovations is all about bringing imaginative ideas to life and making creations out of them.

From about age 8, I have been dedicated to learning about computers and phones. My coding experience began in my local church towards the end of year 2019, where the embedded seed for computing buried inside of me began to sprout. I took part in a Blue-Sky Citadel computer training organized for young children. At this training, I learnt the fundamental skills that have enriched my knowledge of computer science.

The coronavirus lockdown afforded me greater opportunities to broaden my skills in Computer Science, I got a chance to undertake a computer programming training at CodingforKidsbyKids – a Non-for-Profit Educational Institution devoted to teaching children and young adult programming where my insights and understanding of coding and its language have been tremendously enhanced.

Although the particular training I undertook was children between ages 13 – 18 years old, it has turned out to be of greater benefit to my development.

For my end of course project, I created my own game called: Strawberry Euphoria, which was published on and YouTube. I graduated and received the award for “Best Storytelling” and “Young Coder”- This was because of my age (10 years) at the time compared to the age bracket the training was organized for.

Thereafter, I volunteered as a Student Helper at Codingfrokidsbykids. This was a way of showing gratitude for all that I have learnt from the institute and giving back to impact other Young Coders like me, teaching them different coding techniques and showing them how to create various games.

During my teaching experience, my class was crowned “The Best Coders” class. The class was able to achieve this feat due to my skills and how I engaged the young coders using competitive styles to stimulate their appetite for coding.

I also tutored a young girl who was preparing for the 11+ exams, she wanted to know how I come to understand creating various games, particularly my final project game. I also helped this young girl to develop her creative writing skills. Attached is a card from her to say thank you for all I have done for her.

These achievements and awards with all the evidences I have submitted set me apart as the one that is fit for the categories I have been nominated for.

Thank you


Trulittle Technology Hero (12-17)

Ashley Olagbolabo (Aged: 14 years)

Ashley is a gifted child and here is the list of her accomplishments:

  1. She helps in the multimedia department of our church - RCCG The City of God, 193 Crayford Road, Crayford DA1 4ND by helping to arrange the slides and display the Church Schedule from EasyWorship to the main screens. Edit and upload church services onto YouTube and sometimes assist with audio and sound of the church mics, speakers
  2. She joined codingforkidsbykids programme set up for children within and outside of the church and she completed Javascript course (ages 13-18) and  created an advanced game called 'Color Sleuth' on
    She graduated, created a youtube video about my game and received 'Mobile Legend Award'
  3. She recruited as a student helper on codingforkidsbykids programme and assisted and taught the younger students basic Javascript skills using
    Shedirected the classes of the younger programmers and  received 'Student Helper Award' for mentoring the younger programmers in JavaScript and enabling them to graduate.

Teaching Assistant / Helper Award

My Game - Color Sleuth Game

YouTube Tutorial